Sheet Music Characters

Talented illustrator Ursula Doughty decided to draw Disney characters on their respective sheet music. Advertisements

Pop Culture Stamps

If only these were real, I would buy the whole collection. Make it happen Clark Orr.

High End Fashion Meets Disney

Gregory Masouras envisions what Disney characters would look like in high-end fashion photos.

Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate

I hope they make a full length movie of this because this Majora’s Mask tribute film is way too short!

Villains Need Love

Loved this series by Nacho Diaz so much, that it made me go fund his Kickstarter campaign.

LEGO vehicles vs. Real Life

Domenico Franco gives us a glance as to what it would look like if LEGO vehicles existed in the real world.

Amazon Go

Amazon is definitely stepping up their game in the shopping market with Amazon Go.

Final Fantasy XV

This game is literally the reason for this late post. Enjoy!

Zelda x Ghibli Trailer

As a huge Zelda and Studio Ghibli fan, this trailer needs to be made into a movie!

Cartoons vs. Real Life

Love the dichotomy with this series by Lucas Levitan.