Amazon Go

Amazon is definitely stepping up their game in the shopping market with Amazon Go.

Final Fantasy XV

This game is literally the reason for this late post. Enjoy!

Zelda x Ghibli Trailer

As a huge Zelda and Studio Ghibli fan, this trailer needs to be made into a movie!

Cartoons vs. Real Life

Love the dichotomy with this series by Lucas Levitan.

Star Wars: Black & White

Stylized Star Wars illustrations by Greg Ruth, combining images to tell character story lines.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Illustrations

Great series of Star Wars illustrations by Philip Sultana to launch “The Force Awakens” film.

GoT – The Battle of the Bastards Breakdown

SPOILERS – If you haven’t seen Season 6 of Game of Thrones yet, go watch it now! Or at least get caught up. For those who have finished the season, check out this… Continue reading

FIFA 17 Trailer

Story mode is back!!!

Jungle Book – Actors vs. Animals

Cool series pairing up Jungle Book’s voice actors with their animal counterpart.

Sneaker Easter Eggs

Retro shoe designs in the form of Easter eggs.